Nourishing Food Deliveries

We are thinking of ways we can serve our

Delivering Monday - Wednesday - Friday


Brighton, Hove, Lewes & Saltdean areas

We started our Nourishing Food Deliveries service at the start of Covid19 lockdown.

Several months later we're happy to say, you've loved it so much it's here to stay!

Our mission is to fight food waste and nourish our community.


All the produce in our homemade soups, salads and produce bags is all rescued produce that would have otherwise gone to waste, in turn reducing carbon emissions.  


Using rescued produce means the contents of our deliveries change day to day, helping you to eat a balanced diet. 


Donation Based

Our donation based system (otherwise known as Pay-As-You-Can) means everyone from the the relatively privileged to the most vulnerable & disadvantaged in our community has access to

healthy plant based food.

We encourage everyone to simply donate what is affordable to them, be that more or less than our recommended amounts. You can also make a donation to Pay Forward a delivery for someone in need.

Recommended Donations:

£8: 4 x Soup

£8: 2 x Salad Pots


£10: Mixed Prodouce Bag


£16: Soup or Salad + Bag of Produce 

£2: Herbs, Spices & Blends

£3.50: 10 Turmeric Chai Mix

£5: 20 Turmeric Chai Mix

Good for You & the Planet

Email to sign up for a delivery! 

Feeding Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Soul Soup has partnered with several organisations to help maximize our social reach. In particular we have partnered with local refugee and asylum seeker charities to deliver to those most disadvantaged in our community.

By donating more to than our recommended amount you help fund free deliveries to those who need healthy food most in the community.

First round of nourishing food deliverie
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